After wishing that we had made the decision to have some form of video coverage for our own wedding, we wanted to be able to provide this for our own couples!
We wanted to be able to provide an extra storytelling element for our amazing couples and thus decided on a highlight film. 

Your highlight film is delivered alongside amazing photography coverage. Also known as hybrid coverage, this combination makes for perfect storytelling of your day. It is roughly 3-5 minutes long set to music showcasing the important highlights from your day. Please note that our highlight films do not contain audio of speeches and vows.

We believe hybrid coverage makes for the best experience for your wedding. On the day, Peter and Hannah will be your complete team. This is instead of having up to 4 people (2 photographers, 2 videographers) pointing a camera at you. It makes for a relaxed feel without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of people surrounding you all day. For couples who are already nervous about being around a camera, this is a serious bonus!

Sounds good hey! But how do we achieve both photo and video at the same time? That's easy!
By using professional grade camera bodies, lenses and equipment, we are able to quickly switch from photo to video and record almost immediately. This ensures we don't miss a moment.

As a team of two, everything edited and styled by us to ensure the storytelling of the day remains consistent.

Make sure to contact us here to chat to us about more your highlight film!