Photography started out as a creative outlet for me. Chasing moody sunsets, the ever elusive lightning strike and misty mountains is what first drew me in. I knew that behind the camera was where I wanted to be, but it took being stuck in a job which was physically and mentally taxing for me to realise that behind the camera was where I needed to be. At a similar time in life, my father-in-law passed away and it dawned on me that my own wedding photos which were taken only 6 months earlier were some of the last photos that we had together. It was then I realised how important photography truely is. To be able to capture a moment in time, a feeling, an emotion, a celebration that will never happen again and provide a tangible memory of this for people, is why I am so passionate about being a wedding photographer. 

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Not just a photographer,

A Visual Storyteller

Fueled by the energy of one too many coffees, I arrive buzzing and ready to document the magic of one of the most significant days in your lives. From the intimate preparations to the heartfelt ceremony, the jubilant reception, and the lively dance floor, my lens is there to seize every nuance.

Whether standing centre stage or discreetly in the shadows, I'm dedicated to capturing the candid, genuine moments and the unnoticed details that make your day uniquely yours. Aunty Doris's dance floor antics won't escape my camera! I'm not just about photographs; I'm here to ensure your day unfolds seamlessly, helping capture the moments that tell the story of your love, joy, and celebration.

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Behind the lens

Behind the lens


What I love most about this craft is its ability to transcend the ordinary, capturing the extraordinary in each frame. In serving my clients, I commit to going beyond just taking pictures; I strive to create an environment where they feel entirely at ease, enabling authentic moments to unfold effortlessly. I understand the vulnerability that can come with being in front of the lens, and my dedication is to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable experience for every individual.

My promise is that you will not only cherish your photos but also relive the emotions and stories woven into every image.

Behind the lens

My fav things

What inspires me

My Philosophy


My journey into photography began as a transformative escape from a mentally and physically draining job, revealing a passion that had long been overshadowed. What fuels my love for photography is the understanding that every shoot is a unique journey, an opportunity to capture and preserve life's beautiful moments.

It was a poignant moment, six months after my own wedding, when my father-in-law passed away, emphasizing the significance of wedding photography as a lasting legacy. This personal experience has shaped my philosophy, inspiring me to approach each shoot with a heartfelt dedication to storytelling. My style is a reflection of my genuine, candid approach—capturing not just moments but emotions, ensuring that each photo serves as a timeless vessel for reliving cherished memories.

In a sea of photographers, what sets me apart is not just the technique but the heartfelt purpose to create images that will last a lifetime, allowing couples to relive their special day for years and generations to come.

Behind the lens

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When I'm not taking photos, you will find me out the front of my house, maintaining my lawn to an exceptional standard. If not there, I'll be out on the golf course losing a few balls in the rough. Tell me you're a Dad over 30 without telling me you're a Dad over 30 right?

Speaking of being Dad, I spend a bulk amount of time running after my two children Bill and Dorothy. Bill has a natural love for music which finds us spinning vinyl records on my Grandpa's vintage radiogram and dancing together in the lounge room. 

Of course, photography remains a hobby, now in the form of film photos on a 70's vintage canon and 90's pentax. I just love the nostaglic feels it creates.

My latest venture has been growing stunning dahlia flowers in my garden. The excitement of seeing a fresh bud about to bloom is addictive. If you're having dahlias in your flowers, we are already a match!

Behind the lens

My fav Things

What inspires me

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Peter was amazing to work with from day one. He was lovely, calm and laid back making us feel at ease on our day. He was so organised, easy to contact and communicate with throughout the whole process. Our photos are just so beautiful. We can't thank you enough! 

emma + ben

Bridget + jac

Peter is the absolute BEST! Not only did he take incredible pictures and film on the day, they were so understanding of our awkwardness in front of camera & added such a relaxed fun feeling to our special day!

Peter encapsulated everything we hoped to capture in our wedding photos and more! His ability to capture such great candid photos is second to none. He made both myself and my now husband's day go so smoothly, he calmed our nerves, made us laugh but still remained professional and we are very thankful for that on what is such a nerve racking day.

Lauren + Shaun

Peter is worth every cent and more! He has captured our day oh so perfectly. He was flexible and accomodating and was thorough on ensuring he captured all of the important moments and some. We are so greatful for his hard work, friendly nature and quality photography for our special day. 

chrissy + daniel

"Peter, You are honestly a rare piece of magic and we are beyond grateful that we got to share our day with you!"


No story is one and the same.
Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

Two Souls, One story