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January 7, 2024

Yesterday was an absolute blast to be a part of, these two pulled off an epic wedding at a epic little venue, Harvester Moon on the Bellarine Peninsula, brining the good vibes and plenty of love! Below is the team that made it all possible and a little bit about the gorgeous pair that is […]

Harvester Moon Wedding – Isabel & Jack, Next Day Previews

Sneak Peeks

November 27, 2023

Abbey & Luke held a joint 30th birthday party, little did most of the guests know they were in fact there under false circumstances! Abbey & Luke, while doing speeches and announced to everyone they were getting married! So a quick outfit change, throw in a bunch of chairs, family friend celebrant and away we […]

Abbey & Luke – Surprise Wedding!!! Industrie 26 Cafe

Sneak Peeks

December 13, 2022

5 must-have experiences for your wedding for in the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula

Take 5 minutes to actually chat to each other. Without a doubt the most overlooked aspect of the day. By the time you spend chatting to each of your guest for 5 minutes the night goes SUPER quick! Don’t stress, I have you! We will go out for sunset/blue hour or a night shot and […]

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