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Abbey & Luke – Surprise Wedding!!! Industrie 26 Cafe

November 27, 2023

Abbey & Luke held a joint 30th birthday party, little did most of the guests know they were in fact there under false circumstances! Abbey & Luke, while doing speeches and announced to everyone they were getting married! So a quick outfit change, throw in a bunch of chairs, family friend celebrant and away we go! Enjoy these sneaks!

Dream Team that made this possible!

Celebrant: Make It Fabulous
Dj: Cal Young Music
Dress Boutique: Foreverness Bridal Boutique
Florist: As Daisy Does
Live Music: Cal Young Music
Make Up Artist: Abbey Wells Make Up Design
Photographer: Wild Heart Photography
Venue: Industrie.26 Cafe
Stylist: Style Our Party

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We are high school sweethearts, bleugh! We’ve been together almost half our lives, and have pretty well lived a lifetime together now, we’ve moved interstate, got a couple of dogs, bought a house, had some babies and now I’ve finally decided we need the same surname! We had a few classes together in high school together and also waited for the buses at the end of the day too. I’ve no idea where it came from anymore, but Luke used to demand “make me a sammich” constantly… not sure how he thought that was going to be a great pick up line! But he wore me down eventually. I don’t remember our first date lol.

When and where did you get engaged?

Well apparently Luke carried around and hid the ring for MONTHS! And then I fell pregnant and he thought “shit better propose soon”. So we were sitting on the couch one night, watching TV, and he got up to make my nightly cup of tea and we were having chocolate mousse. I remember noticing poor Luke was weird and shaky… when he brought the bowl over, he offered it to me and got down on one knee. The ring was propped in the mousse! His hands were shaking as he asked “will you marry me?” And I think I laughed as I said of course… because there was no other answer! He designed my ring and had it made, with some jewellery special to his family melted into it, and it was a perfect fit!

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Given it’s a wedding under the guise of a joint 30th birthday but most people already suspect us.. fun, casual, relaxed. I am a very colourful person and Luke says I don’t like aesthetic i.e. if I like it, it’s in..

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Other than surprising the people who don’t know it’s a wedding… I think Luke’s face as I walk towards him. And just having fun with all the people who are most special to us.

Top Tips!

Have a surprise wedding- it makes it easier, but also harder! It’s definitely kept costs down for us. I don’t really have any helpful tips, we have been really lucky that in our small time frame, everything has fallen into place really well!

Peter Taylor

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