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5 must-have experiences for your wedding for in the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula

December 13, 2022

Take 5 minutes to actually chat to each other.

Without a doubt the most overlooked aspect of the day. By the time you spend chatting to each of your guest for 5 minutes the night goes SUPER quick!

Don’t stress, I have you! We will go out for sunset/blue hour or a night shot and I’ll leave you guys early, head back to the party and you two get to have a bit of a breather and talk to your new wife/husband.

Get a night shot

Man so many wedding venues around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula have beautiful elements to it that come to life after dark, Rocklea Farm’s Red Gums, the Dam at Bellbrae Harvest or the many spaces with festoon lighting.

Night shots are tricky to capture and it takes a skilled wedding photographer to light the scene and capture the moment, but when it is pulled off they are unique and wonderful photos.

Guest experience is key!

Think of your guests experience on your wedding day, this is key for an enjoyable wedding that will be remembered for years, that at recovery lunch the day after your wedding will be raved.

Plan a fun and unique wedding reception, with entertainment(A great DJ or a live band), games during canapés that your guests will enjoy. It can be as simple as to have your guests seated under shade on a hot summers day.

Don’t underestimate this point.

Cal Young Music & Frank Says Sax

Incorporate personalised details.

Monogrammed napkins or custom favours will help make your wedding day truly special and unique. This also goes hand in hand with guests experience on your wedding day.

Create a personalised wedding ceremony that reflects your love story and values as a couple.

Don’t be shy! Let the world know how much you love your partner, now isn’t the time to hold back, trust me, it makes for great photos, and a great celebrant will help with that, take the time to think about your vows, plan them and have a copy on the day.

Don’t forget to throw in a few lines that will get some laughs too.

Let me know below what you think of these ideas! Or leave your must have experiences below for others who are on the wedding planning journey.


Peter Taylor

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