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Covid Wedding Planning in Victoria

August 29, 2021

All right so you’ve probably spent the last 12 months planning your ideal wedding! Thinking “Screw getting married in 2020 with this shitshow! I’m getting married later in 2021 when hopefully we are on the other end of this!”

Well while we are in a much better position we are still faced with the prospect of the pandemic intervening with our plans, now we are faced with planning our whole wedding in a matter of weeks!

Here is what you’ll need to consider

  • The current level of restrictions
  • Define your non-negotiables
  • Vendors
  • Some things to consider?
  • How about elope now party later?
  • How about postponing?

The Current Level of Restrictions.

So here are the current Coronavirus restrictions around weddings in Victoria

As from the 21st of August 2021 weddings must be postponed unless there are compassionate reasons to hold a wedding such as for end-of-life reasons. I can tell you right now that’s not an ideal position to be married.

Define Your Non-negotiables

We know this will pass, the thing is the time to make a call is getting close!

We know restrictions ease slowly so you have to decide what level of restrictions you will be happy with to go ahead with your wedding, such as

Guests Limits – No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, have your culled and culled and culled agin and still no luck? 25? 50? 100+?

Dancefloors -What’s a party without dancing! While there are some fantastic options to involve your guests in your wedding we still love to boogie!

Interstate/International Guests – With the state of the world at the moment international guests is a no brainer, but do you have friends and family living interstate that must be a part of your day? Man if you boil it down it can be Victoria metro/regional!

Wedding Vendors

No bias here but you need a photographer 😉

In all seriousness we want to have the vendors we have booked for the big day to be able to be a part of your wedding. If you have to find a new date then it is so helpful for everybody in the wedding industry to keep on working, we want them to be able to not only document our wedding but continue on providing for couples at future weddings!

A good process is to get some backup dates from your venue, and check with your celebrant and photographer as they are pivotal to a wedding.

Mt Duneed Estate Wedding

Some Things to Contemplate!

Elope now, party later! – I’ve covered this situation before the the party is so much better as we all know what we have been through to get there!

Video??? – Did you know we offer highlight films!? These are a great way to showcase your wedding to friends and family who were not able to attend, check out more here.

Ceremony Video How about just documenting your ceremony! We can set up a tripod and camera as well mic up the celebrant to capture clean audio.

Live Stream – A great way to involve loved ones in your day, we do not offer this but can point you in the right direction 🙂


Ok this sucks b*lls but you’ve considered all of the above and cannot se your wedding going ahead due to restrictions.

Reach out to your vendors, do they have dates available? Do they have rescheduling fees?

What about a weekday wedding? Most of the industry is still fitting in 2020 couples into 2021 and sometimes things just don’t fit.

How About an Elopement!?

Ok so it may not sounds as bad as you think? No not running away to Vegas to elope and be serenaded by an Elvis impersonator. Chances are you are laid back lovers like us, maybe even a bit of an introvert? So why not Elope in some of the beautiful landscape Victoria has to offer, pristine beaches along the Surf Coast, heck Point addis has pristine beaches and wicked cliff tops! Or how about the natural beauty of the Otways and elope in the Redwoods or in front of an epic waterfall!

Final Thoughts

Ok so while it is not ideal in having to think about possible situations it’s always good to prepare, and you know what they say about piss poor preparation?

I hope this blog has opened you up to exciting new ideas! Weddings are rad and so are you!

Whatever you have in mind, we will be here to help you the whole way! Let’s do it!

Peter Taylor

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