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Elyce & Dan – Leura Park Estate Wedding, Next Day Previews

May 5, 2024

Elyce & Dan could not have picked a better day than yesterday to get married, it was a lovely May day, not too hot, not too cold, crisp Autumn Colours, just an awesome wedding day for an awesome couple.

Read on below to learn more about them and how they pulled it together as well as some awesome sneak peeks!

The Dream Team That Made It Happen

Celebrant: Love Shacked By Shae
Dj: The Dj From The Other Night
Dress Boutique: Embrace Bridal
Dress Designer: Jessica Coutures
Florist: Luvleigh Estate Flower Farm
Hair Stylist: Gloss & Glow
Make Up Artist: Studio 2 Makeup And Hair
Photographer: Wildheart Photography
Venue: Leura Park Estate
Cake Maker: Love It Cakes

Tell me about your The Beginning!

Dan and I met on tinder, he “super liked” me and we got talking, and Dan asked if I wanted to meet him out for a drink, I texted a friend and convinced them to come out to beavs bar with me. We waited at the bar looking out for a tall man with a moustache, my friend saw him and yelled out “DAN” in the middle of beavs, Dan scurried over to me and quickly said hi to me, kissed me on the cheek and said “I’ll be back” and disappeared into the crowd as quick as anything. My friends ended up leaving but I hung back to see if I could find Dan again, we bumped into each other and began striking up an actual conversation. We talked about our lives and bars and clubs we frequented, I mentioned my brother in law played in a band that use to play at a popular emo club and then Dan realised he knew my brother in law because he was best friends with the band members. We spent the rest of the night absolutely locked in conversation. In the early hours of the morning we both parted ways in our Ubers and a few hours later we were texting each other organising a proper date. We met up later that week for dinner and the rest is history!

When and where did you get engaged?

We got given a Christmas present from Dans parents for a night away glamping at Terindah Estate, On the 9th of April 2022, we got ready to go and Dan kept insisting we need to get a nice photo together, which was odd because Dan never asks for photos together. We get to our tent and put our things down, I was too busy taking photos of the tent and the views but Dan insisted we needed to find a nice place to take a photo together, we start walking up this hill and I’m wearing heels trying to trudge up this hill while Dan was powering along in front of me, I even fell and Dan still powered up this hill. Once we reached the top I stopped to admire the view and get ready for this photo that Dan desperately wanted, Dan said “here I’ll take a nice photo of you for insta, pretend like your just candidly looking out over the bay”. Of course I was like yes please, of course I want a good selfie for Insta?! A few moments of me posing with my back turned Dan said okay now turn around, he was on his knee and said “will you marry me”, I’ve never seen this man look so nervous, I started to laugh and then burst into tears because I was so happy, while he was still on his knee he said “so is that a yes?” Of course I said yes and we finally took that picture together but with the addition of the ring of my dreams. We face timed all our families and enjoyed a beautiful dinner and wine together as an engaged couple.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We’ve chosen a more rustic style to suit the beautiful seating area of Leura Park, beautiful natives and small pops of colour.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Seeing my beautiful almost husband down the end of the isle! We mostly cant wait to be surrounded by all our friends and family to celebrate the love we share, plus we love a good boogie and a party, so a good breakdown on the D floor is a must!

Top Tips!

1- Your notes app is going to be your best friend!! Jot down anything and everything for your wedding in a note, anything you see that inspires you whether its a photo op, a certain shade of lippy or an emotion you want to capture in your vows, jot it all down!!

2- Really, truely think about who you are going to have in your bridal/grooms party, dont ask too early and make sure they will 100% show up for you the way you want, theres nothing worse than in house drama and honestly the stress of having someone there who doesnt fully show you support isnt worth it.

3- its YOUR day! Dont let everyones opinions get to you! you capture you and your vibes, you don’t want to look back and think “that really wasn’t me” stick to your true colours 🙂

Peter Taylor

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