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Penny & Luke – Next Day Previews, Loreto College & Pipers by the Lake Wedding

October 28, 2023

The weather turned it on for Penny & Luke for their wedding at quite possibly the best church I’ve ever photographed! Oh man such gorgeous light everywhere! Below is the dream team that made it happened as well as a little piece about Penny & Lukes story.

Dream Team

Dress Boutique: Bernice Fashions
Hair Stylist: Colour And Bridal Co
Live Music: Connotations
Make Up Artist: By Jaclyn
Suit Designer: Suitably
Venue: Pipers By The Lake
Accessories: Grace & Marie

Tell me about your The Beginning!

15.03.2019 One fateful day Penny walked into PetStock Waurn Ponds looking for a fish for her housemate. After conversing for what felt like no time at all it was time to go. Neither of them built up the courage to ask for a number. A few hours later Penny decided to go back with the intention of getting Luke’s number, it didn’t exactly happen but later that night Luke and Penny started talking via Facebook Messenger and haven’t stopped since. 17.03.2019 Our first date was very soon after we met on St. Patties day at the Elephant and Castle it was a memorable night filled with Penny meeting Luke’s friends very early on and finishing up dancing the night away at Lambys!

When and where did you get engaged?

11.12.2021 – At our house in Grovedale! Luke spent multiple weeks organising and planning the perfect night to ask Penny to spend the rest her life side by side. Penny being completely oblivious went to work at a bar for the night. When she returned Luke was standing at the garage waiting for her. Luke took her through the garden they’d worked so hard for and when they got to the deck he popped the question Penny gave a big smile and said yes! They celebrated with each other that night under the stars with a champagne toast.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Unsure really just simple and elegant? Just us!

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Penny: I looking forward for the day to be here and enjoying the ride with Luke by my side.. I’m not cut out for organising the finer details haha Luke: The feeling of love that will be present and being surrounded by all my favourite people to share our special day with.

Top Tips!

Take time for yourselves as a couple together to make a vision board or something similar on what you want on your day and build everything around that plus schedule once a week ‘meetings/date nights’ to discuss questions that you never think of that your suppliers will!

Peter Taylor

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