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Seacroft Estate Wedding, Grace & Michael Next Day Previews

May 26, 2024

Yesterday I got to hang out with Grace & Jackson down at Seacroft Estate on the Great Ocean Road These two are so lovely! And any more laid back they’d be lying down! 😅 This wedding was a fun one! Read on below for a little bit more about their day as well as the awesome sneak peeks!

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We met in high school, in country NSW – Wagga Wagga, in year 9. We were friends in years 9 and 10, and then during years 11 and 12 we were ‘unofficial boyfriend / girlfriend’. Once school was finished we both left Wagga to explore the world and do some growing. Then 10 years later (when we were 27) we reunited over a drink on Chapel St, since we were both living in Melbourne, and the rest is history! We even went to our 10 year high school reunion together! That made everyone smile – what a cute love story.

When and where did you get engaged?

We were engaged in 2019 at Grace’s 30th birthday lunch. Jackson knew that Grace had always wanted her family there when they got engaged, as she’s very close with her family. Grace’s birthday is 23rd December, so since we were back in Wagga for Christmas, he booked a winery lunch for her 30th and invited all the family, since most were home for Christmas. He even invited some of her friends from Melbourne. Grace wasn’t suss as it was her big birthday! Then after lunch we all went outside for a group photo, and during that photo Jackson bent on one knee proposed. It made for a great photo!

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We don’t have a style or theme. We’ve prioritised our budget being the property we’ve invited our families and friends to stay at for the 3 nights, so we’re leaving our cute traditional wedding features – like flowers, table settings (anyone can sit anywhere!) and decorations. We’re hoping the focus of the photos can be more the people – us and our guests mingling on the beautiful green grassy hills with the ocean in the background – than the finer details.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Just having our family and best friends all together!

Some of the vendors that made it possible.
Celebrant: WeddingsByVeenstra

Venue: Seacroft Estate

Caterer: Golden Roast

Photographer: Wild Heart Photography

Peter Taylor

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